Made to order

Handcrafting our jewellery predominantly in-house means we can manage our waste by only creating what is required. We also only ever create our limited edition collections in small batches to ensure that we sell out and aren’t left with any “waste”.

We aim to be a Zero-waste company

We operate with no-to-low inventory, making based on demand and therefore reject the waste that can occur in mass production.

Remodelling and repurposing pre-loved jewellery is a service we provide

We know that some people fall out of love with even the most timeless pieces of jewellery. We encourage you to reinvest in those pieces that hold sentiment, and breath new life into your jewellery with a fresh new design instead of buying something new.

Quality over quantity

It goes without saying that we design with longevity in mind. Our pieces are not only designed to be timeless based on style, but also quality meaning less waste or fewer pieces discarded and ending up in landfill (this does happen with jewellery believe it or not).

We choose suppliers with shared values

Our go-to suppliers are always local first and those who are transparent about how and where their products are sourced.

Our packaging for our everyday fine jewellery is all biodegradable, it’s made up of pure linen, cardboard, and paper that is Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

Packaging for our ceremonial pieces are high-quality wooden boxes designed to be kept and used to store your jewellery, not to be thrown away.

Our precious metals are LBMA and OECD compliant

This means our gold was sourced in a way that does not cause, support or benefit unlawful conflict, or contribute to serious human rights abuses or breaches of international law.