Bespoke Design

What Is Bespoke?

Bespoke is the process of creating something with a particular customer in mind.

At She Fine Jewellery, we make with the intended customer in mind, always. Even for pieces made from our classic engagement collection, we make each piece with the diamond or gemstone specially sourced for you.

The distinguishable difference between a ready to make ring and bespoke is that we start at the very beginning of the design process, starting with your inspirational images and ideas.

During your one-one-one meeting with Cassidy, you will talk through all the fine and minute details of your design examples, adding in any small details that hold meaning for you. With craftsmanship and originality at the forefront of her mind, Cassidy will bring your ring to life through a custom digital design.

Parallel to this step, Cassidy will source your perfect diamond or gemstone which you will view in person or via high-resolution images and videos if you are remote to Perth, WA.

Once you have selected your diamond to gemstone, Cassidy will finalise your digital design making it perfectly to scale, in full colour and from all angles. Here, you can make any final tweaks or changes before your design makes its way to the bench.

Besides the unveiling of the finished piece, this is the most exciting part of the process and usually when the sentence “I am not in any hurry” changes to “So how soon can you have this finished”, which is totally understandable!

The good news is that from here it will usually take about 3 weeks to have your piece finished. The bespoke design process does take more time than selecting an already designed ring, but we ensure you that the result will always be worth it.

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