Designer & Jeweller


Cassidy’s love for jewellery making began at the age of 16 whilst making her first piece of jewellery; a sterling silver, bezel-set amethyst ring. Moving into adulthood, Cassidy took a different career path, experiencing both large-scale organisations and small-scale businesses in a different industry. After a few years she found herself back at the bench and hasn't looked back. 

Fastforward to the present day, and Cassidy is leading a small team of high-performers, who share a mutual understanding for what it means to offer a high-quality product, service and experience.

Our small-scale, hands-on approach is designed to capture moments in time and the love between people. It is our clients’ stories that inspire us, and we take great pride in playing a small part in each one.

Meet with Cassidy

The Studio

She Fine Jewellery

Our space has been thoughtfully curated to blend a high-end fine jewellery in-store experience with an intimate behind the scenes look into this thousand-year-old craft. Read more.

The Team

As Rare As Gold Dust

Our promise; We pledge to deliver an exquisite, tailor-made journey from beginning to end. 

Embracing a bespoke experience, we attentively listen to your needs, wants and desires in order to craft pieces that symbolise your forever love, or significant occasions. At She Fine Jewellery, Cassidy, our director and head designer is leading the space, while Chelsea, with meticulous artistry, brings your creations to life. You can consult with Kaitlin for bespoke designs and indulge in our elegant jewellery collection, while Tahlia handles seamless communication behind the curtains of She Fine.


Our Commitment

Handcrafting our jewellery predominantly in-house means we can manage our waste by only creating what is required. We also only ever create our limited edition collections in small batches to ensure that we sell out and aren’t left with any “waste”. Read more.


Made With Intention

Besides a few other big-ticket items in your life, choosing a ring (just like choosing a life partner) is one of the most important decisions you will make. The process should have you feeling at ease, confident and above all calm that you are in good hands. Read more.